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Our nutrition is becoming more and more diverse – from low carb to gluten free, vegan or paleo: today, food is no longer just simple nourishment but also an expression of our personality and lifestyle choices.  With every emerging food trend, new challenges for the food industry arise as individualized food requires an adjustment of the production and the processes involved. Another important factor is the desire of consumers to retrace their products and for intelligent packaging material that provides information on the shelf life of food, which require new solutions in the industry.

By means of industry 4.0 technologies, the research alliance smartFoodTechnologyOWL develops new product and production approaches in order to connect individual systems via modern information and communication technology.

Following objectives should be pursued:

  • Improvement of food quality and security
  • Improvement of the production processes’ sustainability and economy
  • Increase of transparency for the consumers
  • Lasting support of the food industry’s competitiveness

Further projects are being developed at the Future Food Factory OWL, our research and demonstration platform for the future of food technology at the Innovation Campus Lemgo.

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