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IP5: Use of multimodal information fusion for the realization of a monitoring device and a life cycle simulator for the investigation and quantification of quality determining parameters and the shelf life of food and its ingredients

Impulse project

The prediction of the stability of foods and their ingredients as best-before or use-by dates, in terms of accuracy and reliability, is to be significantly improved by the findings in this project. As a result, product safety can be increased, production costs can be reduced and food waste can be reduced. The information on basic aging effects in food products will be used to generate data-driven, adaptive models that can be used to predict stability/shelf life much more accurately, taking into account packaging characteristics.

A customizable, IoT-enabled food monitoring device as a multi-microsensor system will be realized. The device is expected to be capable, as well as sufficiently small, to accompany a typical food package in transportation systems and transmit real-time data. A life-cycle simulation environment will also be created to simulate the various stages of a food product under different environmental conditions.


Project leaders:

Prof. Dr. Jan Schneider, Prof. Dr. Volker Lohweg

Project partners:

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