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The smart FOODFACTORY is an infrastructure project for the construction of an intelligent food factory on the premises of the Innovation Campus Lemgo funded by the European Regional Development Fund(ERDF).

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Based upon the scientific excellence in the areas of Industry 4.0 and food technology, a unique research- und development environment is created on the Innovation Campus Lemgo, guided by the motto: „OWL – Where Food meets IT“.  This unique research competence now receives a home in the smart FOODFACTORY. As an intelligent factory at the highest technical level, it will be an important initiator of innovation beyond the borders of OWL. It is a research and demonstration platform for the Digital Transformation of the food industry, in which new technologies, products and production processes of the food sector can be developed and evaluated jointly.

The modern architecture featuring a large glass façade highlights its visibility, both internally and externally, and emphasizes the Smart FOODFACTORY’s open environment for transfer und research. Designed by an interdisciplinary team consisting of food technologists, Industry 4.0-depelopers, facility managers and architects, the building will unite the different needs of research, transfer and qualification. At the same time, the open architecture and innovative spatial concept stimulate innovation and cooperation.

The Smart FOODFACTORY is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with a total volume of approximately 10 million euros.

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