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IP2: Network and integration technologies for individualised, versatile, and resource-optimised food production

Completed project

In order to realise an individual, a versatile and a resource-optimised food production, the following ideas should be pursued:

How do food production plants work in operation?

In this case, production lines are examined, in order to produce individualised concepts, to reduce waste and to be able to produce individual products by optimal process engineering.

How can resources be used efficiently?

With the aid of new photonic methods and image processing, goods should be checked for their hygienic quality.

How can production lines be individually and quickly adapted?

With approaches from the area of intelligent networking, plants, assistance systems, and production logistics should be optimised. The aim is to achieve Industry 4.0 based solutions in various areas for the food industry, which are of benefit to the consumer.

Project leaders

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller
Prof. Dr. Volker Lohweg

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