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IP8: Digital product passport for reliable information exchange in the supply chain

Impulse project

The impulse project "Digital Product Passport for Reliable Information Exchange in the Supply Chain" aims to generate information along the entire value chain of food, from the producer (agriculture), through food production, to distribution, and to make it available in a secured Digital Product Passport (DPP). The intended project results will provide a solution to the demand for information transparency along the supply chain regarding the production and origin of food and ingredients. The planned project has a high level of significance for all partners of the SFT OWL: The information along the production and supply chain that is relevant for quality assurance can be recorded in the DPP, processed and communicated along the supply chain. Project results will be made available to the (professional) public in the Future Food Factory OWL.

This project is realized by the research group of Prof. Dr. Henning Trsek.

Project partners:

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